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Real Estate Agents in El Paso

We Help Families and Business Owners in El Paso Find Exactly What They Need

Want to learn more about the real estate agents behind our El Paso real estate firm? Contact our office at 915-348-3100 today! 

Limelight Real Estate Firm is a real estate brokerage offering residential and commercial real estate services. Our firm consists of driven real estate agents and experts servicing the Greater El Paso area. We work on both the selling and buying sides of transactions, as well as leasing and commercial construction projects

Our History

Limelight Real Estate Firm began as a small, humble real estate firm in El Paso. Founded by Adriana Castro after years of experience under other firms, Limelight slowly started to make its mark in the El Paso real estate market. Over the years, our growing team continued to add and improve services to deliver clients a unique and successful product. 

Today, Limelight stands as one of El Paso’s leading real estate firms. Utilizing a blend of old-school and cutting-edge marketing, we can ensure our clients are put in the best position to sell, buy, or lease their property. When clients choose our real estate agency, they are choosing some of the finest real estate professionals in the Sun City. 

The Limelight Difference

Communication and quality are two primary focuses that separate us from other real estate companies. We are not afraid to go the extra mile. In fact, we make it a priority to go above and beyond for our clients.

Our firm also utilizes our excellent connections to find off-market deals and information, so clients get the most from our services. During the process, we are in constant communication with our clients. We ensure they know exactly what is going on in every step and can answer any questions or concerns on a whim. 

Our El Paso, TX Real Estate Agents

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